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Jiiva Online/Kacheri Arambam (2010)

Kacheri Arambam (2010)


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About Movie

The film begins during a journey in train where Paari (Jiiva) thinks about the past. The flash back cuts to a remote village in Ramanathapuram where Paari is seen helping everyone in need. He sets out to Chennai for a better life and money. But, he faces a lot of challenges, and lands in a trouble by local goons. In mean time, Paari comes across a young girl Madhi (Poonam Bajwa) and falls in love with her. On the other hand, Royapuram Sivamani (J D Chakravarthy), the dreaded but sophisticated don of the city is getting ready to marry Madhi. When the two stories meet, chaos ensue, it is now up to Paari and Sivamani to sort it out.

Kaccheri Aarambam is a 2010 Indian Tamil action comedy film directed by Thiraivannan, starring Jiiva and Poonam Bajwa in the lead roles, whilst, J. D. Chakravarthy plays a pivotal role. The film is directed by Thiraivannan and produced by R. B. Choudary under Super Good Films banner. The music was composed by D. Imman with positive reviews. Despite negative reviews by critics, the film was welcomed well by audience and became a commercial hit.

Category: 2010, Movie
Production: Super Good Films
Release Date: 19-03-2010
Genres: Action, Drama
Artist: Jiiva, Poonam Bajwa.