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Jiiva Online/Rameswaram (2007)

Rameswaram (2007)


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About Movie

Rameswaram is a Tamil film directed by S. Selvam and produced by S. N. Raja. Jiiva played the male protagonist while Bhavana played his ladylove with Manivannan, Lal and Karunas in key roles.

The movie tells a love story set in Rameswaram, in a backdrop of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees. Vasanthi (Bhavana) is the daughter of the big man (Lal), who help refugees. She instantly falls for Jeevan (Jiiva), a Tamil refugee, staying in the camp. Jeevan, nurturing a dream to go back to his home land, keeps on discouraging the girl, who is stubborn in her love. Jeevan’s heart, influenced by the pure love of the girl, starts melting slowly. Problem arises when the family comes to know about their relationship. With refugees getting a chance to head back, and family discouraging the love, the story is on how Jeevan and Vasanthi unite.

“…In performance Jeeva does it once again. His body language and acting is top class though he falters in speaking in Sri Lankan Tamil..” quoted Sify.com

Category: 2007, Movie
Release Date: 30-11-2007
Genres: Action, Drama
Artist: Jiiva, Bhavana.