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Jiiva Online/E (2006)

E (2006)


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About Movie

E, meaning ‘Fly’ in English, is a 2006 Tamil medical-thriller film directed by S.P.Jananathan. Jiiva, Nayantara, Ashish Vidyarthi, Karunaas and Pasupathy play lead roles whereas the film’s music was composed by Srikanth Deva.

The movie revolves around Easwaran alias E (Jiiva), an orphan brought up in the musty, teeming slums of Chennai. For him, money is everything in life and does anything to purse that. He comes across Jothy (Nayantara), a bar dancer, who settles down in the same locality. After a few encounters, they get acquainted with each other. Meanwhile Dr. Ramakrishnan (Ashish Vidyarthi) takes up the task of testing a medicine devised by a foreign company, which may come handy for killing people in thousands, especially during times of war. Ramakrishnan chooses Jothy’s sister and E’s grandmother as specimens for the test. Things take a turn, when E rescues Ramakrishnan from a murder bid by Nellai Mani (Pasupathy). A sequence of events brings Nellai Mani and E together. Without knowing his motive, E hides him in a secret place and decides to hand him over to Ramakrishnan for a huge sum. Slowly, E gets attracted by good ways of Nellai Mani. Through him, E comes to know of Ramakrishnan’s ulterior motives. Nellai Mani, a revolutionary fighting for a cause, tries to bring about a change in E’s heart. Succeeding in his attempt, Nellai Mani lays down his life leaving E to complete his task. The rest is all about E’s show all the way in putting an end to Ramakrishnan and his evil plans.

Category: 2006, Movie
Production: Super Good Films
Release Date: 20-10-2006
Genre: Action
Artist: Jiiva, Nayantara.