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Jiiva Online/Thenavattu (2008)

Thenavattu (2008)


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About Movie

Also called SMA, Siva Manasula Sakthi is an Indian Tamil romantic comedy film written and directed by debutante M. Rajesh, a former assistant of director S. A. Chandrasekhar. It stars Jiiva and Anuya Bhagvath, in the lead roles, with Santhanam, Urvashi and Sathyan appearing in supporting and Arya appearing in a cameo role. The film opened to mostly positive reviews and became a Super hit.

Starring Jiiva and Poonam Bajwa in the lead roles, whilst, Ganja Karuppu in a pivotal role, Thenavattu is a Tamil film directed by V. V. Kathir, produced by ELK Productions and distributed by Sun Pictures.

Kottai (Jiiva) comes to Chennai from Madurai in search of employment. He mistakes his boss Kailasam (Ravi Kale) to be a good timber depot industrialist and makes for him sickle, saw and other tools for cutting. However, Kailasam is a local dada whose job is to kill people. Meanwhile, Kottai meets Gayathri (Poonam Bajwa) in a temple and soon they fall in love. On the other end, Kailasam’s son Santosh (Shafi) who happens to a womanizer eyes Gayathri, who somehow escapes his clutches.

The rest of the film deals with how the enemy camp gets decimated by the hero gang and deals with the revenge saga.

The film was a commercial masala hit in the box office.

Category: 2008, Movie
Production: ELK Productions
Release Date: 21-11-2008
Genre: Action
Artist: Jiiva, Poonam Bajwa.